Hey all!

   I haven't updated in a few weeks, so here it is. We are getting ready to record a couple more tracks for you (I know I keep saying this, but in the world of rock 'n' roll things don't always follow a set schedule). Alex is in Las Vegas for the next few days, but is working hard on lyrics, and we will for sure have 2 songs ready by mid July at the latest. Other than that, we are still on the search for a drummer, so if you know anyone or are interested, let us know!!

  As the title of this post says, beginning today and for the rest of the week, we are a current Featured Artist in Reverbnation.com - right there on their homepage! This is a big step for us, so if you haven't, go download the tunes we have up, leave some comments, watch some videos, join our mailing list, and just spread the word!!!

In Metal,
   - Tony Z.