The M.S.T. Tour 2019

Hey all - We are posting our confirmed dates for our upcoming tour. They can also be found on the tour page of our website site - some with links to tickets or more info. We are still waiting on confirmation for a few, so as soon as we hear, we will let you know and they will be posted to our tour section as well!

  • June 22 - Triple Nickel Tavern - Colorado Springs, CO

  • June 23 - Red Velvet Underground - Albuquerque, NM

  • June 26 - Yucca Tap Room - Tempe, AZ

  • June 27 - The Tower Bar - San Diego, CA

  • June 28 - Whisky A Go Go - Los Angeles, CA

  • June 30 - Winters Tavern - Pacifica, CA

  • July 6 - Glenwood Springs Brew Garden - Glenwood Springs, CO

  • July 24 - Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN

  • July 25 - Tree Bar - Columbus, OH

  • July 26 - Simon’s After Dark - Allen Park, MI

  • July 27 - Miramar Theatre - Milwaukee, WI

  • August 2 - Herman’s Hideaway - Denver, CO

New Web Store Coming Soon!

Hey all!

We have been working on building a brand-new online merch store where you can find a bunch of products that are not available at our shows or anywhere else! It will be opening in the coming week or two, so be sure to check it out!

You can head on over right now to and sign up to receive updates on when we launch and any new products that we add!

February 2019 Updates

Hey all!

I'll keep this short. First off, we are still auditioning singers, so if anyone is interested, and is able to tour, hit us up! In the meantime, the 4 of us are filling in on vocals, and the crowd response has been awesome.

Other than that, we have been in the studio for the last few months working on a single to be released at some point this month, and an EP that will be released sometime in the Spring. It's all coming together nicely, so check our other social media pages for updates!

We have a few shows coming up soon:

February 23 - Herman's Hideaway - w/ Warrant
March 8 - Buffalo Rose - w/Winger
March 15 - Rocks (CO Springs) - w/Cryptic Writings
March 16 - Majestic Saloon - w/Driven By Turmoil

Hope to see you all soon!

A Statement on Chase's Departure

Hey all - you may or may not know at this point, that our singer, Chase, has decided to leave the group as of Sunday, October 7. We have not yet addressed this issue, but would now like to take the opportunity to do so, as many false accusations have been going around. 

First of all, it has been said that his departure was ostensibly due to a Craigslist ad posted by one of our members over a month ago, which we will address, but there are a myriad of reasons that led to Chase’s decision to leave the band.

Tension had been building since before our summer tour, when Chase riled up half the band in an attempt to cancel the tour a week before we were to leave. There was no regard to the dozens of other people involved (other bands, promoters, fans, families, etc) nor to the thousands of dollars already paid for venues, promoters, and hotels. We talked and talked about it and, after much stress and uncertainty for the band, Chase finally agreed to go on the tour. After we all returned to Denver, he said there were a lot of issues and problems we needed to discuss. One of those issues was that he needed “3 months” of break time in between tours. Considering that we had only been gone for 7 days, and that future tours would be approximately the same length or longer, this is highly impractical. 

About two months ago, Chase informed us that he was going to be having some dental issues taken care of, and that he didn’t know if he would be able to finish the rest of the shows we had booked. Therefore he told us, “You guys should begin looking for a temporary singer.” Now, temporary is a very vague word - it could be a day, it could be a month, it could be a year. When we asked him what his time frame would be, he said hopefully this year or whenever he gets enough money, but he didn’t know with 100% certainty. So, we began looking for a singer, just as he had asked us to do. We had a couple of people express interest, and we made sure to remind them that it was a temporary position in case Chase couldn’t make a show, as he was still our singer.

As recently as 2 weeks ago, he asked us, “Are you guys still looking for temporary singers?” to which we replied in the affirmative. Then, last Sunday, he came across the ad one of our members had posted over a month ago, in which we were looking for a singer - something Chase SPECIFICALLY asked us to do. Again, “temporary” is very vague - what happens if he were unable to sing if we have gigs, the recording studio, and/or a tour already booked? Recording is a little easier to reschedule, but we cannot cancel shows and a tour when he is the one who asked us to find a replacement.

This notion of “going behind his back” is absolutely ludicrous, when he is the one who LITERALLY asked us to look for singers. The fact of the matter is, he is using the ad for a singer as a scapegoat for his unhappiness with us. We tried to address issues such as him forgetting lyrics so often, not showing up to practice due to being “too tired”, not being able to practice on his own at home, etc… We tried to understand his situation and work with him, and for a time, things would improve, but eventually revert to how they were, and the process would repeat - ad infinitum. In the past few months his responses to us would be things along the lines of “this band sucks” or “you all are so unprofessional”. Other times if we were to bring up an issue, his response would be to walk out of practice, or refuse to continue singing during practice. Telling us multiple times that he was going to quit is not an indication of someone who is happy in their situation. We tried to talk to him so many times, but each time proved fruitless, and he would cast blame on us for his actions.

A lot of talk is going around that we treated a highly functioning autistic person unkindly, and that is not true in the least. From day one, Chase told us he had Asperger’s Syndrome, and we told him that it wasn’t a problem. One of the band member’s brother has Asperger’s and another band member has two very good and close friends who also have Asperger’s. To say that we treated him like crap because he had Asperger’s is just not true and is an insult to us. We regarded Chase as a member of the band—a part of our band family. He has been with the band for the past four and a half years, and we thought he’d be with us well into the future.

Emotions cloud reason and we are asking the music community to look at some of the events that have transpired in the past few months:

1. Chase and Tony Z flew to Ashland, KY to attend the IMEA awards since the band was nominated in three categories. They hung out together, played and sang an acoustic version of one of the band’s songs, and attended all the festivities. Why would the expense of the trip be taken if the band had decided to replace Chase?

2. A tour to Europe was planned for late July but had to be postponed to next summer. Thousands of dollars were spent with promoters, and non-refundable airplane tickets to Sweden were purchased for all band members, including Chase. Why would all that money be spent if the band wanted to replace him?

3. When we came back from our US tour, the entire band decided on which songs would go on the upcoming EP. We set recording times, the drummer laid his tracks in August, and we set up the balance of the recording dates for late December and early January (Chase had indicated he would be able to do the vocals in January.) We have paid thus far over a thousand dollars and will pay the balance in January. One of the songs that was supposed to be recorded was one of Chase’s songs. Does this sound like we wanted to get rid of our singer? We now have to put a hold on recording vocals and incur extra expense to record drums again for another song since we will be unable to use our former singer’s song anymore.

4. The whole band posted on our facebook page on September 30th a new song that we have written. Chase was at the practice and was improvising with some screams as the instruments played the song. In the video clip, one of the band members asks Chase if he’s written the lyrics yet and he says that he is working on them. Does this sound like the band wanted to replace their singer?

5. The band booked three shows in Denver—one in October, November, and December. Why would we do that if we were looking to replace our singer?

6. We have already started working on next year’s lineup of shows and tours … again ….why would we do that if we were looking to replace our singer?

Throughout all of this, Chase has given us mixed signals: he wants to quit but still comes to practice; he thinks the band sucks; he wants us to find a “temporary” singer. And so we tried to keep the status quo while attempting to please our singer. When we tried to find a “temporary” singer, the person who told us to do it turned the tables on us.

Anyone in a band would be confused and worried about future show dates, cancellations, and keeping peace in the band so it continues to thrive.

The truth is we are very sorry to see Chase go. He was a part of the band and had been for the past four and a half years. We never thought this would happen. We will miss Chase because he was not only a singer in the band, he was our graphic artist who made our flyers, banners, posters, and a lot of creative inventions (the box lights) that made our appearance shine. Losing a long-time member is always tough, and we still wish we knew why he was so unhappy in a band that he’d loved so much for at least a couple of years. We still consider him a brother even if he wishes to think otherwise.

It’s important to note that we are not in any way casting blame upon him or upon ourselves. We are simply outlining the facts as we see them, and giving our side of the story. Perhaps, this situation could have been handled better by both sides, but hindsight is 20/20.

 If you have questions, feel free to ask us.

Thank you

Axel, Drew, Miguel, and Tony.

Updates April 2018, and full bio!

Hey all, it's been a while. I don't know who actually reads these, but whatever. A few short updates: We have multiple shows coming up:

 - April 27, Black Sky Brewery, Denver, CO with Satan's Host and Amdusius
 - June 22, Herman's Hideaway, Denver, CO with Flotsam and Jetsam, Smackfactor, and Draghoria
 - June 29, Rocks Sports Bar and Grill, Colorado Springs, CO w/ VaTiC and Suspension 9
 - June 30, The Den, Cheyenne, WY w TBA (watch our facebook for more details on this one)
 - July 15, Trabue Tavern, Columbus, OH w/ Neverdawn, Blend, Feromaoin (pending), TBA
 - October 30, Silver Spur Saloon, Lakewood, CO w Crashdïet, Lötus Gait, TBA

We have someone planning our US tour for us now, as by doing it myself, I was getting maybe a 10% response rate from both bands and venues. We will be coming through Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Louisville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Kansas City. After that, we will be heading off to Europe! All details for both tours will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

We have new music that we will be recording soon with drummer Alex Carillo from Draghoria, so keep an eye out for that!

Finally, this past year has been awesome with the amount of publicity we have received through online radio, terrestrial radio, online magazines, and print magazines! Some places have been requesting a full bio rather than the condensed one we use on our social media pages, so here it is! The full history of Immortal Sÿnn:

Immortal Sÿnn formed on September 15, 2004 at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora Colorado. It began one day when founder, Tony Z, was approached by friend, Tom Canino, at lunch. Tom was looking to form a punk band, and knew that Tony played guitar, so the two decided to start a project. Tom soon introduced Tony to the band's first bass player, Liam Macfarlane, who was a grade below the two Juniors. The trio then recruited Slee McGehee on drums, Rusty Bower on guitar, and Paul Lehan - also on guitar. 

The first band practice took place at Liam’s parents’ house in Parker, CO on September 25, 2004. This is the house in which the band’s earliest songs would be written, including, “Blind Soul” and “Dark Abyss”. Slee never showed up to that first practice, and the rest of the group just showed each other random songs that they could play. It was quite a fruitless endeavor. 

In the following week, Tom and Rusty lost interest in the project, and were replaced by Will Heward and Corey Ortiz, respectively. Drummer Josh Novak was then added to the line-up on the suggestion of Tony and Liam’s friend Corey (who designed the original ‘Immortal Syn’ logo for the band). This line-up recorded the original demo of “Blind Soul” in early 2005, as well as an early version of “Dark Abyss”. Josh left the band shortly after these recordings, and was replaced very briefly by Dan Quatararo, who left the band after only one week saying that, “[he didn’t] see it going anywhere.”

Nick Anthony joined as the next drummer after Tony found his info on a flyer at Guitar Center. The group struggled to write new material, as no one would practice, nor would the full line-up ever show up to rehearsals. On May 24, 2005, the band played its first ever live gig at Raiderfest at their high school. Since Nick was the only member that did not attend Regis, he was not allowed to perform at the private event, and was replaced by Rob Casaria for the show. They played “Blind Soul”, “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd, and “Fade To Black” by Metallica. During the set, one of Paul’s strings broke, Will’s PA system stopped working, and during the latter song, the band abruptly, and for reasons unknown, stopped playing after a wave of feedback shot out of Tony’s amplifier before the final solo, ending the set.

Will, Paul, and Corey would leave the band shortly after this gig, and during the summer of that year, would be replaced by various members who each only lasted a week or two - Ryan Cowdin on lead guitar, Seth A. on lead guitar, and Sam A. on vocals. It was also during this time that Liam switched from bass to guitar. The main trio, along with Ryan Cowdin recordedearly versions of two tracks, later known as “Fallen” and “Seventeen”. These tracks would end up being rerecorded and used for Tony Z’s side project, Li’l Hellraisers, in 2016.

Late in 2005, Will Heinz joined the band for a couple months on vocals. They would record an early demo of a song called, “Rock ’n’ Roll” All Night Long", which would also later be slated to rerecord for Li’l Hellraisers.

In early 2006, Will and Nick left the band, and Liam and Tony were left as the only members. Tensions between the two over personal and musical matters festered over the next few months, and in July of that year, the two parted ways permanently. Tony again recruited Rob Casaria to play drums for him, but that was short lived, as he was forced to resign over protests from his highly religious grandmother with whom he lived.

A few weeks later, the band made a comeback with Danny Horrigan on bass, Matt Simonson on drums, and Andy Hannum on guitar. Matt departed soon after, but was replaced yet again by Nick Anthony, who agreed to return if the band were to play more glam metal as opposed to thrash metal. The group reluctantly agreed as they needed a drummer.

Nick’s return did not last long, as his mom barred him from returning to the group due to picking him up while he was in a state of severe intoxication after leaving a house party one day after rehearsal. The band then added vocalist Mike Ratty, with whom they recorded an instrumental demo called, “Untitled Sex”, and a cover of Metallica’s, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. The band was placed on hiatus a couple weeks later, right as Tony began college.

Tony Z would join two short-lived thrash bands after Immortal Sÿnn was placed on hiatus called Nuclear Terror and Warmetal, respectively. During his brief time in Warmetal, he came across a Myspace ad from a band called Phoenix Rising. They were in need of a second guitarist. This happened to be the band Will Heward joined after departing Immortal Sÿnn, but by this point he had left that project as well. 

Tony auditioned for Phoenix Rising (later known as Wild Angelz and Devoutcast)in April 2007, and played guitar with them for the next six years - quitting the group on March 17, 2013. However, by July of 2012, Tony had foreseen the coming implosion of that group, and decided to revive his old high school project. 

Originally called Lucid Confusion, the band went through various name changes throughout their career - Blind Soul, Midnight Rose, Anamnesis, Immortal Syn, Majesty, Defender, Dead Reckoning, and Necrofox. Tony first chose the old name of Anamnesis for the revival, but soon settled upon Immortal Syn - one of the longest lasting names of the original group - adding an extra ’n’ to end of the name, as well as a heavy metal umlaut over the ‘y’.

Danny Horrigan was once again back on bass, and Alex Giebler on vocals. Alex, at the time of the revival, was also still singing in Devoutcast, and was the first member to not have gone to Regis Jesuit High School since Nick Anthony. 

Tony and Alex decided to record an old song originally written during the former’s time in Wild Angelz called, “Whiskey”. The two wrote new lyrics, and went to Maximum Level Audio in Aurora, CO to record with producer Brian Knop. While Danny was a member of the band, due to time constraints, he was only able to record one section of the song. The rest of the bass lines (as well as bass and drum tracks on subsequent songs that would end up on Barfly) were either played by Brian or Tony.

The song was a success, and began to be played both on internet radio, and terrestrial radio stations. Drummer Ben Kroll would soon be added to the line-up, but Alex would then part ways with the band due to musical differences. Tony and Ben would continue to rework old songs originally written by Tony during his time in Wild Angelz while they searched for new members. Lance McCutcheon and Mario Betancourt both briefly had stints as lead guitarist in fall 2013. Danny soon decided to part ways to pursue a degree in architecture.

One night, Tony stumbled upon a Craigslist ad posted by Miguel Ruíz. He was about to leave his band, Sleepwalker, and was looking for a new project. After talking to him on the phone, Tony found out he was only 16 at the time, but decided to give him an audition anyway. He played Pantera’s “We’ll Meet Again”. After hearing Miguel’s skills and witnessing his ability firsthand, he was given the job. Miguel has been the longest member of Immortal Sÿnn to date behind Tony Z.

In the Spring of 2014, Tony also found a Craigslist ad posted by Chase McClellan looking for a heavy metal band. Tony auditioned him in two ways - first, by listening to him sing along to a Dio album, and second, by watching him rehearse with his then-current band, Shattered Halo. Chase got the job immediately, but left the group in May 2014 due to personal matters, and was subsequently replaced by Sage Knighten.

Sage sang with the band for three months. During this time, Miguel’s friend Jesse Bose was added as bass player, and a few recordings were made - “Sexxx Fiend”, “So Many Chicks, So Little Time”, and a vocal rerecording of “Whiskey”. This new version of “Whiskey” replaced the old one on internet and terrestrial radio. 

In late December of 2014, Sage inexplicably left the band. He did not tell any of the members he was doing so, he only left a brief message on Facebook saying he had moved back to Wisconsin. Later, he accused the band members of being “Satanists”, and cited that as his reason for leaving.

Chase contacted Tony that very day and asked the band if they would like him to sing for them again, to which they gladly accepted. The band composed a couple of new songs, rerecorded “Whiskey” for the third time, and on January 24, 2015, played their first show since Raiderfest at Bushwacker’s Saloon in Denver. 

Ben departed the band soon after this show, but was replaced by Axel Berrios a couple of months later, who would remain with the group until June 2016. Jesse departed the band in December 2015, and was replaced by Tony’s old Devoutcast bandmate, Cameron Corley, as a member-for-hire until Andrew Cope took up the responsibility in fall of 2016.

After Axel’s departure to Mexico for school, Cody Heim joined the band as drummer for a few months, but was soon replaced by the band’s former session drummer, Mike Arnold. This, too was short lived, and ultimately Ryan Bloom (Bloodstrike, ex-Havok) took the spot as a member-for-hire. Ryan’s first show with Immortal Sÿnn was at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, CO opening for Hammerfall and Delain on May 1, 2017. Whether or not Axel will return to the band is currently uncertain.

Since the band’s revival in 2012, they have released an EP (Barfly), single (“Don’t Let Me Down”) - a Chainsmokers cover, and full-length album (Machine Men). They have opened for many well-known groups such as: Firehouse, Loudness, Kix, L.A. Guns, Warrant, Bulletboys, Great White, Ratt, Lynch Mob, Winger, Hammerfall, Delain, and in June will play with Flotsam & Jetsam. They receive steady airplay on internet radio and terrestrial radio in Colorado. In 2018, the band was nominated by the IMEA in the categories of Best New Metal Artist, Best Metal Song (“Blind Soul”), and Best Metal Album (Machine Men). The award ceremony will be held on June 16 at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, KY.

2018 will also see the band embarking on its first tour. Beginning in July, they will do a brief tour of the midwest, traveling to Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. Afterward, they will be traveling to Europe, and playing in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic.

Immortal Sÿnn is working on new music, and hope to release a single and a new EP at some point in 2018.


Our debut full-length record, Machine Men, is finally done! You can pre-order a digital copy now from our bandcamp page:  It will be released digitally on 8/4/17. Hopefully it will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. by that date as well, but it will for sure be available on Bandcamp on that day! Physical copies on both CD and cassette will be released in early October. Hopefully we will get some vinyl made eventually as well!


1. Liberty Rising
2. Metal And Blood
3. Dark Abyss
4. Strength!
5. Hatred Nation
6. The Dark Of Dawn
7. Blind Soul
8. Novus Ordo Seclorum
9. Above The Law
10. Fringes Of Society
11. Machine Men

Studio update 10/11/16

It has been QUITE a while since we have written anything here, but I will keep this brief. We are coming along nicely with our full-length LP entitled, Machine Men. It will be released in early spring of 2017! Just a few more studio sessions and it should be good to go.

Those who don't know, we have had a few line-up changes since the last writing. Sage quit on us unexpectedly, and Chase McClellan took his place, and has been our singer since then. We parted ways with Ben, who was replaced by Axel Berrios for roughly a year until he had to leave for school. Taking his place on drums is now Cody Heim. We also parted ways with Jesse, placing Cameron Corley on bass as a fill-in for a few months until we found our full-time bassist, Andrew Cope.

A few shows are coming up including October 30th at Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver, and November 11th at Herman's Hideaway.

Hope to see you all soon!!

 - Tony Z

Studio Update 12/17/14

We are almost done with our 1st EP entitled Barfly! Miguel and I, Tony Z, recorded guitar tracks for the last song today. Sage is coming in for vocals within the next two weeks, and Jesse will be doing bass for the last song on Friday! More info, including track listing and upcoming shows, to come soon!

Updates: June 2014

Well, it's been a little while since we have written anything. Some members have come and gone in the past year. Mario and Lance, our guitarists came and went, but we wish them luck in their future endeavors! Bassist Danny was unable to continue with us, but we wish him well in his architecture career.

We gained Miguel Ruíz as our new lead guitarist in the past few months, and he has been recording in the studio with me and Ben, and we have been practicing hard. We have come up with many new songs, and he has brought some with him from his former band, Sleepwalker.

We gained a vocalist, Chase McClellan, for a few months who recorded with us on our tracks, "So Many Chicks, So Little Time", and "We'll Meet Again", a Pantera cover from their 1988 album, Power Metal. Sadly, he was also unable to continue with the band.

Currently we are searching for a vocalist and a bassist that will be able to stick with us for the long haul! We have been recording as much as we can in the studio, with Brian Knop, our producer, filling in on bass. We hope to release our debut album, Machine Men, sometime by the end of the year!

Until then, keep checking at or for updates!

 - Tony Z


Hey all!

   I haven't updated in a few weeks, so here it is. We are getting ready to record a couple more tracks for you (I know I keep saying this, but in the world of rock 'n' roll things don't always follow a set schedule). Alex is in Las Vegas for the next few days, but is working hard on lyrics, and we will for sure have 2 songs ready by mid July at the latest. Other than that, we are still on the search for a drummer, so if you know anyone or are interested, let us know!!

  As the title of this post says, beginning today and for the rest of the week, we are a current Featured Artist in - right there on their homepage! This is a big step for us, so if you haven't, go download the tunes we have up, leave some comments, watch some videos, join our mailing list, and just spread the word!!!

In Metal,
   - Tony Z.

Reverbnation Featured Artist!

Just got a message from the staff at Reverbnation saying that they have chosen us to be a featured artist on their homepage!!! Just got confirmation that Immortal Sÿnn will be a Reverbnation featured artist starting on June 18! Our song, "Whiskey", received a 7.9 rating on their Crowd Review score. Over 20 people reviewed the song and deemed it a sure Radio Potential - and that score was high enough to get us featured! - Here are what some of the people said:

“Definitely begins sounding like a rock song and that it is! The vocalist is on key and has a sexy voice. The background singers make this song sound professional. The musicians are playing very well. This song is one for the top of the charts! Good job, guys! I'm rating this track a 9!”

“The thin textured start is really nice! I like the repetition as lots of rock songs usually lack an establishing into. The vocals are well sung with good tonality. The harmony vocals are good as they provide lots of depth to the track. I like the solo guitar, it really shows the skill of the player without ruining the song. The scat provides a great hook for the listener, especially with the guitar echoing it. The progression is very nice, this is a great song - one that I would happily purchase - and will sell well in today's current market audience.”

“This guitar crunches out some strong power chords. This song rocks the rafters off the roof. The drummer definitely earned his money for this song. I like the music, because you can actually hear the different instruments in the song. Changing the beat in the song really sets it apart from your run of the mill rocker tune.”

“A fine piece of rock music that starts extremely strongly and just holds you all the way. Classic guitar and drum riffs are ably fronted by a vocalist who puts the lyrics across with great ability. The matching of the vocals to the guitar solo works well with the heavy drum backing pushing the track to the end with just a slight pause for breath in the middle. A great rock ant hem.”

“This track is great, it puts me in the mindset of the late 70's or early 80's rock bands, with a touch of a 90's feel. I love the passion of his tone, and the well written vocals. This song is nicely produced. Nice chorus and great instrumental. I like the guitar riffs. High hit potential.”

“This song had really raw and edgy electric guitar riffs. I loved the rhythm they held, fast paced and the German use of language. The high pitched melody from the guitars got stuck in your head. The male vocals had good texture, and the vocal harmony pattern carried well through the song. I liked all aspects of the piece, especially the strong guitar riffs.”