Reverbnation Featured Artist!

Just got a message from the staff at Reverbnation saying that they have chosen us to be a featured artist on their homepage!!! Just got confirmation that Immortal Sÿnn will be a Reverbnation featured artist starting on June 18! Our song, "Whiskey", received a 7.9 rating on their Crowd Review score. Over 20 people reviewed the song and deemed it a sure Radio Potential - and that score was high enough to get us featured! - Here are what some of the people said:

“Definitely begins sounding like a rock song and that it is! The vocalist is on key and has a sexy voice. The background singers make this song sound professional. The musicians are playing very well. This song is one for the top of the charts! Good job, guys! I'm rating this track a 9!”

“The thin textured start is really nice! I like the repetition as lots of rock songs usually lack an establishing into. The vocals are well sung with good tonality. The harmony vocals are good as they provide lots of depth to the track. I like the solo guitar, it really shows the skill of the player without ruining the song. The scat provides a great hook for the listener, especially with the guitar echoing it. The progression is very nice, this is a great song - one that I would happily purchase - and will sell well in today's current market audience.”

“This guitar crunches out some strong power chords. This song rocks the rafters off the roof. The drummer definitely earned his money for this song. I like the music, because you can actually hear the different instruments in the song. Changing the beat in the song really sets it apart from your run of the mill rocker tune.”

“A fine piece of rock music that starts extremely strongly and just holds you all the way. Classic guitar and drum riffs are ably fronted by a vocalist who puts the lyrics across with great ability. The matching of the vocals to the guitar solo works well with the heavy drum backing pushing the track to the end with just a slight pause for breath in the middle. A great rock ant hem.”

“This track is great, it puts me in the mindset of the late 70's or early 80's rock bands, with a touch of a 90's feel. I love the passion of his tone, and the well written vocals. This song is nicely produced. Nice chorus and great instrumental. I like the guitar riffs. High hit potential.”

“This song had really raw and edgy electric guitar riffs. I loved the rhythm they held, fast paced and the German use of language. The high pitched melody from the guitars got stuck in your head. The male vocals had good texture, and the vocal harmony pattern carried well through the song. I liked all aspects of the piece, especially the strong guitar riffs.”