Power Metal

Updates: June 2014

Well, it's been a little while since we have written anything. Some members have come and gone in the past year. Mario and Lance, our guitarists came and went, but we wish them luck in their future endeavors! Bassist Danny was unable to continue with us, but we wish him well in his architecture career.

We gained Miguel Ruíz as our new lead guitarist in the past few months, and he has been recording in the studio with me and Ben, and we have been practicing hard. We have come up with many new songs, and he has brought some with him from his former band, Sleepwalker.

We gained a vocalist, Chase McClellan, for a few months who recorded with us on our tracks, "So Many Chicks, So Little Time", and "We'll Meet Again", a Pantera cover from their 1988 album, Power Metal. Sadly, he was also unable to continue with the band.

Currently we are searching for a vocalist and a bassist that will be able to stick with us for the long haul! We have been recording as much as we can in the studio, with Brian Knop, our producer, filling in on bass. We hope to release our debut album, Machine Men, sometime by the end of the year!

Until then, keep checking at reverberation.com/immortalsynn or Facebook.com/immortalsynnmusic for updates!

 - Tony Z