February 2019 Updates

Hey all!

I'll keep this short. First off, we are still auditioning singers, so if anyone is interested, and is able to tour, hit us up! In the meantime, the 4 of us are filling in on vocals, and the crowd response has been awesome.

Other than that, we have been in the studio for the last few months working on a single to be released at some point this month, and an EP that will be released sometime in the Spring. It's all coming together nicely, so check our other social media pages for updates!

We have a few shows coming up soon:

February 23 - Herman's Hideaway - w/ Warrant
March 8 - Buffalo Rose - w/Winger
March 15 - Rocks (CO Springs) - w/Cryptic Writings
March 16 - Majestic Saloon - w/Driven By Turmoil

Hope to see you all soon!