Studio update 10/11/16

It has been QUITE a while since we have written anything here, but I will keep this brief. We are coming along nicely with our full-length LP entitled, Machine Men. It will be released in early spring of 2017! Just a few more studio sessions and it should be good to go.

Those who don't know, we have had a few line-up changes since the last writing. Sage quit on us unexpectedly, and Chase McClellan took his place, and has been our singer since then. We parted ways with Ben, who was replaced by Axel Berrios for roughly a year until he had to leave for school. Taking his place on drums is now Cody Heim. We also parted ways with Jesse, placing Cameron Corley on bass as a fill-in for a few months until we found our full-time bassist, Andrew Cope.

A few shows are coming up including October 30th at Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver, and November 11th at Herman's Hideaway.

Hope to see you all soon!!

 - Tony Z