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Capitol Punishment

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Kick-ass metal to get you pumped!




Tour Dates 2019

About Immortal Sÿnn


"Stylistically, Immortal Synn walks between heavy metal and thrash metal, combining the influences from both genres into a formidable sound that pulsates with potency." - Randy Radic, Huffington Post

Immortal Sÿnn is a heavy metal band from Denver, CO. In a sea of modern cookie-cutter acts, the band tries to retain a more familiar and old school sound that propelled bands of the 70s and 80s to superstardom. Taking their cue from thrashers such as Exodus and Megadeth, as well as NWOBHM legends like Judas Priest and Motörhead, Immortal Sÿnn creates a perfect mixture of speed and grit, but can also knock you out with mid-tempo riffs from hell.


Guitar/Vocals - Tony Z
Drums/Vocals - Axel Berrios




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